Sermsuk-UIH two organizations, one heart

UIH and Sermsuk jointly organize the seminar “Sermsuk-UIH, two organizations, one heart” in an effort to bring more happiness to customers. In addition it is an opportunity for the IT Support team from Sermsuk and the Sales team from UIH to foster closer ties. This seminar held in Kanchanaburi was joined by Mr. Chaiwut Jirundorn, Information Technology Manager and the team from Sermsuk, who shared opinions and experiences on how to improve the service of UIH.

The team from UIH will take the suggestions and recommendations derived from the session to improve the company’s services. This will help UIH better serve the need of the organizational client like Sermsuk, and foster a cooperation that makes both companies a true business alliance. Together the companies can develop a fully integrated IT solution that will propel the client to effectively handle the challenges of the AEC thus successfully maintaining growth in the future.