Benchachinda Group & Four Business Partners Jointly Establish MIH

Mr. Vichai Bencharongkul, President of Benchachinda Holding Company Limited (BCH) (center)
together with Miss Preeyaporn Tangpaosak , ALT(2nd from left)
Mr. Nuthapong Temsiripong ,UDS(2nd from right) Miss May Thu Kyaw, A&FC(Right) and business partners
jointly set up Myanmar Information Highway Limited(MIH) to enhance Myanmar’s broadband services. 
Benchachinda Group announces its plan to expand its business to Republic of the Union of Myanmar. In collaboration with ALT, UDS, A&FC and a local business partner, it has now set up Myanmar Information Highway Limited (MIH) to build up Myanmar’s broadband services for efficient communications.
Mr. Vichai Bencharongkul, President of Benchachinda Holding Company Limited (BCH), says Benchachinda Group’s investment in international businesses in Myanmar is the first of few foreign investments in other nations.  According to him, Benchachinda Group has now partnered with four other firms in establishing Myanmar Information Highway Limited (MIH). Behind this joint venture are:

1) UIH International Company Limited
2) ALT Telecom Company Limited (ALT)
3) United Distribution Solution Company Limited (UDS)
4) A&F Communication Company Limited (A&FC)
5) Local Business Partner.


Thai Ambassador to The Republic of the Union of Myanmar (3rd from right)
was  the guest-of-honour  for the opening ceremony at Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

MIH is set to capitalize on the broadband-business expertise of United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH), which has served customers in Thailand for well over 20 years already, on the solid technological knowhow of Benchachinda Group’s top-firm partners as well as on the experiences of the local partner in navigating Myanmar’s business environment. MIH makes its mission to accommodate Myanmar’s rising demand for high-speed data connectivity through the delivery of efficient broadband services.

MIH is to provide international-standard broadband services in Myanmar. At present, it has already won the rights-of-way to lay down fiber-optic network from Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC). MIH will start the infrastructure installations in authorized zones,” Mr. Vichai says.

Mr. Vichai reveals that MIH has set its sight on becoming the “leading premium-broadband provider in Myanmar”. In pursuit of this vision, MIH will set up broadband infrastructures for high-speed communications in Myanmar and deliver services that are on par with Thailand’s broadband standard. In the first year of the investment, installations will take place in Yangon before expanding further to other major economic cities.

MIH’s major target customer groups are: enterprises in the manufacturing industry and service industry, particularly three-to five-star hotels; financial institutes; banks; retailers; industrial estates; and households.

Mr. Vichai says, as an investor from Thailand, Benchachinda Group is confident that these target groups will soon find fast and efficient communications is a necessity. On its part, Benchachinda Group is well ready to provide broadband services in Myanmar and also plans to interconnect MIH and UIH networks to facilitate international connectivity and Internet services.

MIH guarantees that its service quality will be on par with that of UIH. Its three strengths are fast installation, international-standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) and 24-hour support service,” Mr. Vichai adds.