i-secure of UIH Wins Awards from Frost & Sullivan for 3 Consecutive Years

i-secure, a UIH’s affiliate, receives a prestige award for its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) of the Year 2015 for a 3rd consecutive year from Frost & Sullivan Thailand Excellence Awards 

Mr. Pong Trakulthong, Managing Director of i-secure revealed that i-secure which is a subsidiary of UIH is awarded an Excellence Award for Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) from Frost &Sullivan Thailand. This is a 3rd consecutive year for this award.

Some of major conditions which Frost & Sullivan considers is the list of i-secure’s customer base which are mainly leading UIH’s corporate clients. i-secure’s impressive result in the past year was also strengthened its leading position in MSSP area. i-secure also developed new service on SIEM technology which help in log management on Cloud

Mr. Pong said i-secure offers varieties of managed services to cover all IT security aspects. Security services can also be catered to fit the need of use for the difference the customers might have. Security-as-a-Service from i-secure comes in Cloud based service, our latest joint task service with FireEye offer Advanced persistent Threat (APT)

“Currently, Hackers have elevated their approach in penetrating in to corporates from directly targeting servers to finding proper users to gain access to the corporate networks. Enterprise, therefore, should keep up with potential threat and apply appropriate security measure to protect the invaluable data or information from being stolen or demolished which could yield in business substantial damage.”, said Khun Pong.


Mr.Sunti Methavikul, Senior Deputy Managing Director, UIH, mentioned that one of UIH’s strategies focuses on IT security solution to provide well-rounded managed security service for its 3,000 plus clients’ networks with security monitoring and resolution by our i-secure’s security experts 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

UIH can offer Managed Service to our corporate clients because we have security solution for our customers. With the readiness from UIH and renown security services from i-secure, we are leading position in IT security market share” said Mr. Sunti.

UIH is actively gaining impressive portion in IT security service from existing customers which are Finance sector, Properties sector, Retail sector, and Government sector. i-secure, under UIH management, is seen as experts in giving data security consulting for various corporates, providing up-to-date security services with the 3 main philosophies: Protection, Detection and Correction.

“Our IT security services foot print are extending e very year, even during recessions. Furthermore, in the case that customers are not ready to self-invest, UIH and i-secure can offer varieties of security services which help them managing their Capex. Our security services range from protect individual user level to corporate server level which connect to Internet, there is also cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) service to protect their website from being attacked” said K. Sunti Methavikul.