UIH Raises its Quality to New Height with MEF-Certified World-Class Standard


UIH is Thailand’s First Certified MEF CE 2.0 Service Provider, Upgrades Network Quality & Highlights One-Stop-Service-Solution Strategy

Colonel Ruangsub Kovindha, managing director of United Information Highway (UIH) Company Limited, says in addition to its strategic positioning as the ultimate broadband One Stop Service Solution Provider, UIH has also raised its quality to new height. MEF has thus lately declared UIH as the Certified MEF Carrier Ethernet (or CE 2.0) Service Provider turning the firm into Thailand’s first and only operator to have won such world-class standard certification.

UIH has now ranked itself among the Asia Pacific region’s 11 state-owned and privately-run service providers that have been MEF CE 2.0 certified.

With the MEF CE 2.0 certification, UIH customers can be rest assured that their networks can be designed and developed further to accommodate new services and facilitate various applications. UIH infrastructures support a comprehensive range of work systems



Mr. Sunti Medhavikul, a senior deputy managing director of UIH, says UIH has devoted time and efforts to bringing both its organization and engineers to MEF’s world-class standards. MEF CE 2.0 certification guarantees that its organizational holder has many great qualifications including:
1. Multi-Class of Service (Multi-CoS) to facilitate various applications such as Voice, Video, and Data services without any data loss or delay;
2. Managed Operation, Administration and Maintenance for efficiency;
3. Interconnectedness between Service Provider and Global Ethernet Services.




UIH focuses on delivering One Stop Service Solutions with world-class standard. The MEF certification is thus just a result of our efforts to manage our network infrastructures and maintain our customers’ Ethernet platforms in the most efficient manner,” Mr. Sunti concludes.