UIH & BB Connect, the Number 1 Communications Network Provider in Thailand Grows to Number 1 in Laos, and Is Ready to Spring Forward to be Number One in ASEAN

United Information Highway Co., Ltd. (UIH), the leader in communications networking in Thailand collaborates with BB Connect Co., Ltd., the International Gateway provider, offers the IP Transit service connecting to the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos. As the leader in Thai communications networking, the company has now gained the trust of the telecommunications industry in Laos according to a ranking by Renesys, an international expert in Internet assessment. This is because the IP Transit network provided by UIH & BB Connectis a dedicated bandwidth that is highly secure and stable, which has enabled the company to provide full service Internet connection that can provide access for the people all over Laos. As a result this has propelled UIH & BB Connect to become the number one Internet provider in Laos and is ready to spring forward to become number one in ASEAN. 

With the rapid increase in the usage of high speed Internet in Laos in the past 2 – 3 years, the four major local service providers namely ETL Public Company, Star Telecom Co., Ltd. (UNITEL), Laos Telecom Co., Ltd., and Beeline Co., Ltd., had to seek a quality communications network that is stable and flexible enough to choose the desired bandwidth depending on the demand. With an ability to cater to all these demands on the IP Transit network, UIH & BB Connect, is the choice that all four service providers in Laos has decided upon. This is because the IP Transit service provided by UIH & BB Connect can offer Point-to-Point (P2P) connections that can be transmitted through a highly stable network that also has a high level of security through a Dedicated Bandwidth. As a result the clients can be confident that they will be able to utilize the bandwidth with a minimum speed of 100 Mbps to the maximum Gbps depending on their requirements. This enables them to provide fast and efficient services to their customers. In addition the company provides expert after sales service 24 hours a day.

This quality network provides high effectiveness with the suitable flexibility to suit the requirement of clients in terms of speed and connectivity. In addition BB Connect is the connection hub of ASEAN, which is strengthened by its two routes of node connection to Laos through Nongkhai and Mukdaharn provinces. Also its global connection can be made through the PoP (Point of Presence) centers in Singapore and Hong Kong. Moreover, the company has alliances with major data transfer service providers in the global arena thus uplifting its network connections service to a truly international standard. This enables a smooth and effective communications that will fulfill every demand of the customer. UIH & BB Connectseamlessly connects the world through its communications networking services.