Benchachinda Group provides opportunities for both internal and external stakeholders to report complaints about illegal acts, ethics and corruption related to the company, by setting a secure and confidential channel as well as providing protection to those who report complaints or any corruption and fraud.

The company encourages the whistleblower to disclose identity and / or provide sufficient evidence regarding the complaint. In the event that the whistleblower does not disclose his identity, the information supporting the complaint will be considered. The complaint will not be accepted if it follows the following cases:

  1. A complaint that do not provide evidence that are clear enough to be able to investigate the facts.
  2. A complaint that any competent agency has been considered or has a fair judgment and there is no new evidence which is more important.

Channels for reporting complaints are as follows:

  • Benchachinda Group's complaint system in the company's intranet
  • E-mail
  • Letter to the President & Executive Chairman or

Head of Legal Department or

Head of Human Resources Department or

Head of Internal Audit Department


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